off the slope

Lienbichl Lienbichl
The "Lienbichl" is easily accessible by foot... ... which makes it a nice destination - also in the evening.
Staffkogel Staffkogel
The "Staffkogel" with a lot... ... and not so much snow.
Aufstieg Staffkogel Abfahrt Staffkogel
Ascent... ... and descent on the "Staffkogel".
Hochtorsee Tristkogel
The "Hochtorsee", in the background the "Wiesbachhorn". Viewing the "Tristkogel" from the "Hochtorsee".
Groszglockner Groszvenediger
The "Großglockner"... ... and the "Großvenediger" as seen on the "Gamshag".
Bernkogel Spielberghorn
Visiting the Hinterglemm air emergency, in the background the "Zwölferkogel". The "Spielberghorn" from the "Kleberkopf".
Talbeginn Glemmtal
Viewing the beginning of the valley, on the left side of the background the "Watzmann" is seen. Saalbach and Hinterglemm from the end of the valley.
Salzachtal Abfahrt Kleberkopf
View of the foggy "Salzachtal", in the background there are - amoungst others - the "Wiesbachhorn", "Großglockner and "Kitzsteinhorn". One of the idyllic huts of Saalbach.